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Bon Bini na Aruba, Welcome to Aruba!


My name is Lerita Molina, a native Brazilian and Arubian at heart. For the last 3 years, I have been living on this beautiful island and have been a part of this diverse and unique community. Aruba can provide you with a blend of relaxation, action, fun, culture, delicious food and breathtaking nature. In my service to you, I aim to provide you with all the good things Aruba has to offer at no additional service-cost .​


Whether you are staying in a private villa or a local hotel, you can have your own personal concierge at your disposal. No waiting in line, no unanswered phone calls or emails.  You have the assurance of a personal contact during your adventures on a foreign island.  I work with you to find the best services  and prices that meet your personal needs. ​​




Bon Bini!

Welcome to Aruba Planners.

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